StomaDome Review by Alys

Review by Alys
Co-President of the Utah Chapter Ostomy Huntsman

I LOVE my StomaDome. This is my second purchase and cant even imagine having my ostomy again without my StomaDome. I can wear anything I want. It has reduced leaks by almost 90%, and it is very comfortable to wear. I no longer deal with pressure on my stoma, or my stool pancaking and then leaking. 

There is not one bad things about this that I have experienced except forgetting to wear it! I love it. I also have a cocker spaniel and she has jumped up onto me a couple times and I felt very safe knowing that my ostomy was not going to get hurt or injured.

Thank you for making this great product. 

Again thank you for the awesome product!

Saratoga Springs, Utah


The story behind StomaDome

Recently Ostomy Connection reached out and did a story about how StomaDome was invented.

The article can be found in the link above and below.

Feel free to ask any questions about StomaDome. Joe and I hope continue to develop our products ideas and hear back from our customers. 

Thank you,
Mike Community & StomaDome

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