The American Ostomy Club - Review of StomaDome

John from The American Ostomy Club has just published a review about the StomaDome.

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"Hello Readers!  Just started wearing a new product by StomalIte and I have to tell you I like it. I have seen a few ads on the internet from this company regarding the StomaDome and decided I would try it. Very happy I did. Very simple to use. t can be worn over your current bag so you don't need to order anything special from your medical supplier. Very simple product and very effective! 

The purpose of this device is to protect the very sensitive and delicate stoma. And the Dome does the job without preventing your stoma from functioning properly. The hard but nicely formed low profile plastic dome gave me a greater sense of protection as soon as I put it on. Over the past 15 years, I have been very cautious of my stoma area and go to great lengths to protect that area. Playing with the kids on the floor or in the yard was always a worry. I always seemed to get hit in THAT spot!  A game of basketball was out of the question. Now you can do these activities with confidence that your stoma will be protected. 

I just wore it this past Christmas at our holiday party. While the Dome does protrude out slightly from my clothing it was not noticeable under a shirt and sweater. I was carrying things around the house and even bumped into a few things and the Dome protected my stoma very nicely.  I did not panic as I would have. I have gone out walking a few times with the Dome under several layers of clothes. The Dome did a nice job of allowing some room for my stoma to drain properly. No pancaking around the stoma with several layers of clothes on. I worked in the garage on the car and did not worry about smashing or rubbing my stoma on a hard surface. I am not one to wear my seatbelt in the car. It always rubs right on my stoma causing minor bleeding. I tried it in the car and worked great. No rubbing. No irritation! I will start wearing my seat belt again. First time in 15 years! 

When it is time to change bag, peel off the Dome from the Velcro and replace the Velcro adhesive crescent with a new one on the new bag. Press the Dome back on to the new Velcro - you are done! Great product! Good for active people who are concerned about injury. Give it a try. 

The package comes with a Dome and 52 replacement crescents so you are set for a while! Larger quantities are available"