A stoma guard for any ostomy.

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Founded by an ostomate with others in mind. StomaDome stoma guard was created to protect against daily impacts, especially from our family's pets. With simple piece of adhesive Velcro StomaDome attaches to any ostomy pouch.

StomaDome started in May 2014 and is located in Los Angeles, CA. Since then, StomaDome has developed a stoma guard is focused on bringing new quality products to the ostomate community worldwide.

Our goal is to deliver comfortable solutions for stoma and ostomy care for your active life. 


Money back guarantee

If you are not happy with your purchase or it does not work for your needs, we will refund your purchase. Terms and conditions. 

U.S. Veterans!

StomaDome is now registered with the Veterans Health Administration (The VA). We are registered with and our DUNS# is 08-076-8082. Contact your VA Medical Center. When a representative from the VA request a StomaDome they can now find our information and cover the full cost of the StomaDome. We are listed as Stomaliteguard LLC.

1 StomaDome Security Shield + 52 Velcro Crescents

At 7.2 grams (less than an ounce) StomaDome is a light, reusable and a super strong stoma guard.

StomaDome attaches to an ostomy pouch with a simple piece of adhesive Velcro. It’s unobtrusive, sleek and highly functional to give you peace of mind during your active life.

• No belt, no buckle, no bulge, no adjustment and no itch
• Inconspicuous low-profile design
• Imperceptible when attached
• Protects against every day activities, seat belts and more
• Super strong injection molded polypropylene

• Waterproof and can be worn in shower
• Ultimate stoma protection guard
• 3.625" wide 0.625" deep
• Reusable and easily removable

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StomaDome security shield is a stoma guard designed for the activities you love.







StomaDome a new stoma guard for any ostomy

StomaDome is made for anyone with an ostomy that is looking for a new stoma guard or an additional stoma guard to add to their daily ostomy supplies.  StomaDome was designed to be sleek and utilitarian, it is not bulky unlike the large stoma guards currently on the market.  StomaDome can be worn all the time or used at any moment since the guard can be put on and taken off very easily.  

StomaDome protects your ostomy/stoma from any unforeseen objects, pets or people. 

Stoma Guard
  • pets

  • table corners

  • seat belts

  • crowds

  • furniture

  • children

StomaDome a great gift for a close friends or family member with an ostomy.  May ostomates are looking for new products or ways to improve their daily actives but just like anything else there is so much information and a learning curve.

StomaDome Maintenance is very minimal.  

  • It's is waterproof

  • It can be washed with soap and water or a cleaning solution

  • It's so light and small it can be kept in a handbag or pocket

  • It does not retain water

  • It's made out of polypropylene that is strong, light and does not attract dirt

  • The Velcro can be put on your ostomy pouch before you use it. This way all your pouches will be ready for StomaDome stoma guard.

  • StomaDome can be taken on and off without having to remove clothing

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