StomaDome – Stoma Guard




At 7.2 grams (less than an ounce) StomaDome is a light, reusable and a super strong stoma guard.

StomaDome attaches to an ostomy pouch with a simple piece of adhesive Velcro. It’s unobtrusive, sleek and highly functional to give you peace of mind during your active life. Each StomaDome comes with 52 velcro strips. Additional replacement velcro strips are available separately for purchase.

• Inconspicuous low-profile design
• Protects against every day activities, seat belts and more
• Super strong injection molded polypropylene
• Waterproof and can be worn in shower
• 3.625″ wide 0.625″ deep
• Reusable and easily removable
• Compatible with any Stealth Belt


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