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A stoma guard for any ostomy

Created by an ostomate. StomaDome is designed to protect against daily impacts, seat belts and especially from our family’s pets. With a simple piece of adhesive Velcro StomaDome attaches to any ostomy pouch.

Elevate your stoma protection

StomaDome is a reusable stoma guard that attaches to your pouch with a piece of Velcro crescent. The actual StomaDome is made of a very strong polypropylene and can be used over and over again.

The Velcro Crescent that StomaDome attaches to has an adhesive backing and needs to be replaced when you replace your pouch. Each StomaDome comes with 52 replacement Velcro Crescents. So to sum it up, the Velcro Crescent goes on the pouch and the StomaDome stoma guard attaches to that Velcro, it can then be discreetly removed at any time and put back on.

I believe there is no other like StomaDome. First off its’ simple design does not use a belt or buckle to secure it to your body or ostomy pouch, also it’s one piece, it’s very light and very strong. All of these features makes StomaDome a very effective and efficient stoma guard.

The simple design makes it easy to use, put on and take off. Since there is no belt, you can attach and remove StomaDome while in any position and without having to remove garments. The feather light weight makes StomaDome imperceptible to the person wearing it. Most importantly, StomaDome is designed to take an impact. It is rigid but designed with soft bends and contours so it will not pinch or dig into you.

Guide For StomaDome Stoma Guard

Simply take the┬áStomaDome Stoma Guard and place it on a Velcro Crescent Slowly and gently peel the Velcro Crescent off the sheet and attach the adhesive backing to the pouch in the most protective position to protect the stoma. (Caution is important here because the adhesive is very strong, it might take a few attempts before your comfortable handling the stomadome during the attachment procedure.) Then you can remove and attach StomaDome with ease whenever desired. Here’s another way to apply the StomaDome by positioning the Velcro Crescent: before securing it to a new pouch, first place the Stomadome securely on the pouch (preferably on a hard surface like a table) with a little pressure.

Security Guard for Ultimate Stoma Protection

Product Features

  • 7.2 grams (less than an ounce)
  • 3.625″ wide 0.625″ deep
  • Inconspicuous low-profile design
  • Waterproof
  • Non-latex
  • Very durable
  • Reusable
  • Removable
  • Washable
  • Made in the USA


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